What we sell is the value of product itself, but not the “brand” value which was enhanced by fancy packaging and exaggerated image (of course, every company’s product position and customer position are different).

In front of network, everything is equal and transparent; our idea is that everything takes the design, quality and workmanship of product itself as the center, and takes the customer’s real needs as center, so that to achieve good value for the money even excellent value for the money; all current things (picture demonstration, text description, etc.) are all giving prominence to the product as the core, make it normalize, standardize and unitize, and this is what we are doing at present.

Along with the perfection of product structure and the maturity of all respects, we will import a series of relative theme elements in the future to improve the user experience, essence is regression, and regression is reduction, we are on the way, we need attention andcooperation!

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!