Thank You Lord for this Thanksgiving Day.

I have a few words I have to say. Thank You for breath to live, for the Holy Spirit to give, For eyes to see, for the strength to be free, For ears to hear, for words that appear, For a mouth to speak, and knowledge to seek. For my hands to act, for my feet on track. For my heart to love, for gifts given from above, For my mind to do Your Will, for my soul to be still. For my body to live, for actions to give, For all my remaining days, to sing Your praise.

For the birds and the bees, for being on my knees, For colourful butterflies, for the joys and the sighs, For trees dressed in green, for a world to be seen, For mountains so high, for the clear blue sky For oceans so deep, for on beaches to sleep. For Your Animal Kingdom, My thanks from within.

For a house and a bed, warmth, light and bread. For music and sound My thanks are profund. For vision and sight, And the glorious night For weather so pleasant, For angels – heaven-sent For the sun that shines, for the jewels that are mine. For family and friends, for love that never ends For life everlasting, in Your Love I am basking For the language of prayer, for always being There. For the miracle of creation, For free gift of salvation. Thank You for You Lord, Your love is my reward.