Success belongs to the brave who is bold and cautious, and it belongs to every performer who continues to innovate for the dream and keep pace with the times;

Success is a paean, it is a brave paean during the implement, it is a paean in difficulty and pain, it makes everything become happiness!

During the passed 90 days of “Sprint One Hundred Days”, the success in our hearts make us more brave, we can calmly face all difficulties, make our best and never give up, never surrender, and stick it out; it makes our loading capability and innovative ability get a qualitative leap! Let the potency have an effective stimulus; although starting from zero, we gradually transform impossibility to possibility in limited time, learning, innovation, mastery, deeply implement, these are our everyday’s required courses, we find our own coordinate during the process step by step; it is not a long time for ninety days, but it is the beginning and a connecting link between the preceding and the following to create our future; it is a stair for ascending; we will carry on for our responsibility and mission, and let more thirty days, sixty days and ninety days in the future to accompany our development!

During the passed 90 days of “Sprint One Hundred Days”, everyone in our team has experienced one and another test, you haven’t given up, you haven’t held back, but become more brave and rational in the furious competition; and look for our own highlight of development during everyday’s “dull mechanical” work! All of these will record in our history, a history of CWMALLS COMMODITY. I appreciate very much for every partner and colleague in the team, understand such a hard condition, you still earnestly wave our future every day, I believe everything will become better! Success is drawing near! Come on! Come on!

I love “Sprint One Hundred Days”, you make us stronger and more confident!

I love “Sprint One Hundred Days”, you make us more rational and pragmatic!

I love “Sprint One Hundred Days”; you push us to a bigger stage!

I love “Sprint One Hundred Days”, you change us to a great Cwmalls!

I love “Sprint One Hundred Days”, ……

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

Profession makes outstanding—sharing!

Our Mission: Integrating world’s commodities for you to share and benefit everyone!