Frustration is our best example – it can make us stronger over and over;

Dream is the power for moving on – the sunshine after rebirth over and over;

Mission is the direction for our action – firm, clear and more powerful;


A distinctive CWMALLS COMMODITY that is brave enough to chase the dream, sticking to the faith, having the courage to think and act.

Full of passion and caring deeply about others, they make the dream and power; they make us become so sunshine every day; innovation and sharing, action and change; they make responsibility and mission; they make us consolidate step by step, ascend step by step;

We are no longer hesitates and wander, we have firmer faith and courage to plough through; transcend yourself, make dream fly, we are still choosing the distance; CWMALLS COMMODITY: a group of “lunatic” who are brave to chase the dream, challenge ourselves and transcend ourselves!

Going bravely: it is our attitude to “time”, whatever happened in this “time”, it will not stop our way forward; from nothing at all, to go all out and go fast, and then to make by breaking the old, through the whole journey, there are always surprising things, I , we have never changed for that! Therefore, we deeply know that , in order to create our own history, we have to look upon development and deal with all difficulty problems with a history view, and so that to identify the direction for moving on; history is a mirror, it not only reflects the past, it also reveals the future; with a history view, I, we, and we CWMALLS COMMODITY are review our past, prospect our future, create our own growing and developing history by brave actions!

Going bravely: it is another sailing after our adjustment, there are still no flowers and applauses, but we have absolute dream and power; I think we are not lonely, more and more difficulties just make us become extremely brave and strong, sharing has been the source of our happiness, example has been the power for our progress; more and more sharing and examples make our future dreams; from Apple Inc. to Google, both reflect the directions of the past, present and future, we CWMALLS COMMODITY is same, we are bravely acting for faith, mission and responsibility, we are decisively changing for innovation, sharing and implementation! We are very proud, we can control our own destiny! CWMALLS COMMODITY growing series, it changes for the alternation of things, it makes us show a distinctive self at every growing stage; we firmly believe that as the time goes, Cwmalls will show a distinctive change to other people! Please stay tuned!

Innovation+Action+Dream=Wonderful mission endlessly

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

2014 Cwmalls anti-season selling and booking are under way…

(Our main products are original designed and handmade products, Sheepskin Coat series,  Shearling Coat series,  Leather Bag series, Leather Shoes series, the gelid is no longer cold, the warmth is in Cwmalls!)

Cwmalls is around you!

Profession makes outstanding—sharing!

Our Mission: Integrating world’s commodities for you to share and benefit everyone!

2014 is the year of openness, cooperation and share! 2014 is the year of innovation, implement, and learning!

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