From 2008, the so called world financial crisis ( It may be a financial、political plot which writes、directs、and play by oneself ), since ruling politicians are in urgent need to let print large amount money be legalized、privatized and marketized, then what to do? So there comes such a manic bubble state——the national are in usury or crazy in money laundering; who is the real pushing man behind the scenes? It is evident!

We can’t violate the basic market disciplines, we can’t rap and rent、consume people’s, nor do we stand by and allow it to continue, we need to calm down, need science, we no longer need one says goes, relation network, we should conform to the public opinions, lead a way with our own features;

To build a right value system is the most urgent affair, without a reasonable measurement system, all things become disorder or even wreck the country and bring ruin to the people; we have responsibility and duty to do from our own which helps our ship come back to the right route!

Bubbles are not that terrible, it is terrible to be ignorant、insensitive, we can’t do things to deceive ourselves or be anxious for success, we have grown up, we have learned judgment! Hope the rainbow after tempest come earlier. We can’t wait anymore!