Dream is a power, it is also a direction, it raises you up;
Dream is a lure, it is a cost, it will make you rise abruptly ;
Dream is an attitude, it is also a spirit, it will make you distinctive;

Dream is a return to rationality, it will make you skip and ascend;
Dream it the pursuit of inner heart, it will make you young forever;
Dream is a continuation of success, it will make you joyful;

We have opened the dream door to look forward to our wonderful future, what will greet us? Is it success and joy, or loss and pain? It doesn't matter, it is important that we will maintain, irrigate, and build our dream with great enthusiasm, in rational mind and gait, to make it grow healthily, so that it will bloom and bear fruit, so that it can be shared and continued! We must make efforts for it, even sacrifice for it! We must consolidate step by step! In this way, our way of dream will be wonderful and smooth! Our tree of dream blossoms everywhere!

We have accessed to the way of dream for opening innovation and sharing; right direction, clear goal, we are down-to-earth, firm and indomitable, in a positive learning attitude and action, we are making more tiny innovation or big reformation on our way to dream; it makes our dream way wider, and firmer and more wonderful, so that there will be more interaction and sharing! It need enough rationality to escort for your trip, it needs enough tolerance, courage and insight to grasp the course; it is very wonderful, wonderful innovation is on the way of dream; it is very wonderful, wonderful sharing is on the way of dream, it is wonderful, wonderful life is on the way of dream!

We have achieved the heart to share, maintain world, maintain the earth; justice, freedom, democracy, green, environmental protection and sustainability are the results of dream; everyone of us should have heart of philanthropism and love, so that we will have the feeling of existence and achievement! We are willing to create the future of your inner heart together with you; we are willing to share our fruit of dream and labor together with you! We will act and we have acted, we are just realizing and sharing our fruit of dream in our own way, we are on the way!

It is a long way, you will not be alone,
It is a short path, you will not be regretful,
Because there is dream, a life with dream will be more wonderful!
Standard, unification, maintaining world and maintaining the earth is the dream of Cwmalls, Cwmalls is willing to share with you!

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!