We are running all the time without clear direction, only a target, finally who I am, what do I want to do? There is no direction without sober thought, no clear target without rational demonstration; everyone of us wants to change, but we only change a little at heart or thoughts, it turns out that we don’t change at all;

Without self changes, we are like a lonesome boat without sail and direction, we have to analyze the relation of reason and result, we don’t need final judgment, we must analyze the process of research, only this is the way and source of change and promotion, change needs a process of developing and regulating, this is not a way as pulling up seedlings to help them grow or interpreting out of context, change needs a process that is little by little and step by step, it is a steady, accumulated process, let change be more wonderful and let change be more real!

Change is at heart, change is among action, have you changed?