This is a war of cat and mouse, which is no rule, no winner, and before rationality it will the ground covered with chicken feathers;

In 2013, the annual price war of E-business puts on the stage in China, there is nothing except for destruction and damage, a cloud of smoke floats over, there is whine all round, the already fragile ecosystem is trampled ruthlessly, and the just set-up Chinese commercial civilization is broken up in a night, we need rationality, need institution, need guidance, now there is no other way except for savage and violence, such value and idea will be a big problem sooner or later.

Once people placed high expectation on E-business, and it was regarded as the lethal “weapon” that can change the society retail form in the future, but if the so called overturn tradition retail innovation of e-businessmen is finally reflected as price war again and again over, then is there any difference between it and the changeless promotion of entity retail sales’ marketing model? If e-businessmen rely too much on price war, they will not be able to escape the fate of elimination.

E-business has great impact on the traditional retail industry is not only lying in price advantage and various types of merchandize, but also lying in its convenient access and good consumer experience, these would have been the directions that e-business platforms try to develop. Always making use of unchangeable, rude price war, customers will be tired of such marketing sooner or later, singer marketing model and promotion means make customers have beauty fatigue, and it also has great harm, just stop such disorder behavior!

Innovation should not only be a slogan, it should be carried out, hope that everyone can make efforts and contributions to the whole ecological environment, innovation is not damage, it is continuously implements for the perfection, hope the current state can end as soon as possible, hope life will be more wonderful because of you and me!

We make efforts, we make innovations, Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!