Having spent the confusing、wearying、wandering 2012, the positive、aspiring、creative 2013 is coming! Are you ok? Just give up those what make you unhappy! Be pragmatic、be unite、be brave, to face everyday, and be earnest to practice and carry out the plan that we have formulated, this is what we have to do at present! Hope it is a good beginning and will have a good result;

To let more people know us and learn about us, we set openness、cooperation、expansion as the direction of our whole 2013. For this reason, we have made more detailed plans, and those will gradually show this year, and hope can be paid attention to. We also regard ‘design to share、commodities to the world’ as a great mission of us, and stick to strive for it.

Communication、unity is a inner motive theme! I think we will be more harmonious, more tacit by our common efforts, and we will be more energetic and passive to change it. Here, I wish everyone of our team (Yao, Daisy, Hina, Joyce, Field, John, Tony, Lily, Grace, Lemen, Keven) be healthy in this new year!

CWMALLS is making great efforts, and running for the dream, 2013, we are coming!