Experience Costume Design is a kind of costume design that creates brand experience by highlights the brand style and theme, experience is the link that designer communicate with customers all sidely; in the experience design, it not only pays attention to customers’ rational needs, but also emphasizes customers’ perceptual requirements as a “person”; past costume design usually pays more attention to the function, quality, price and service, such rational values, therefore, the designed clothing is always rational rather than perceptual, it takes much from the brand vitality; but experience design emphasizes the importance of customers’ perceptual values, it brings customers more vivid products and create more perfect experience for customers;

From product economy to service economy and then nowadays experience economy, as the time changes and with the coming of great network time, people become more personal and professional to their own demands, experience costume design is born at such a background; it emphasizes on meeting customers’ rational needs, and emphasized more on meeting customers’ perceptual needs, when people’s basic requirements are gradually met, they turn to higher level’s desire – to realize the desire of themselves; how to meet people’s such desire by experience costume design? It is what the present market requires; personal made, measure to made, social network, etc. such concepts are the developing trends of the society, here CWMALLS COMMODITY put forward the experience costume design concept, it is a beyond to the past design idea, and it is an innovative sublimation to the past costume design developing!

Experience design, it the source to return to nature;

Experience design, it is the root to people oriented;

Experience design, it is the presentation to show yourself the leading role;

Experience design, it is……

CWMALLS COMMODITY continues to innovate, act and change to better provide general customers high products and great service; “experience costume design” is a brand new concept that we put forward go with the flow, it is perfectly revealed, especially in our original designed feature products Sheepskin Coat series and Shearling Coat series, please stay tuned!

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