Never Regard Desire As Ambition

Desire is the motivation, while ambition is a state;
Desire comes from human nature, while ambition stems from faith.

There is only a thin line between ambition and desire, so near yet so far. Ambition makes one’s inner full, while desire just a kind of transient pleasures brought by material aspirations over and over. When the ambition id realized, one will feel rich in his inner world; however, when the desire is satisfied, it will create more desires.

Never regard desire as ambition. Never let your mode of thinking truncate the thinking of whole world, never let your lust for life and your ranking habit stand for the ambition. After all, what human beings most need to be loyal to be the self within him instead of the self in others’ eyes.

Never regard desire as ambition. Desire may help us own many commercial stars, while only ambition can make us embrace the commercial civilization. In the deep end of China’s reform, we need top design, and our lives, our journeys need top design as well.

Mistakenly regard desire as ambition; when ambition can not defeat the desire, when Chinese almost take the desire for being VIP as the ambition, when “becoming famous but not returning home is similar to wearing luxurious clothes but walking at night”, this kind of perform attitude becomes a collective mentality—Reality is really skinny.

Ambition is full, but reality is skinny