When bottleneck appears, you need to adjust,

When lack of power, you need to adjust,

When strength is not equal to power, you need to adjust,


Adjustment is everywhere, it is about whole or partial or personal; adjustment is better planning and optimizing for the direction and target, and then continue to properly improve; adjustment is essential behavior and action during the process of growing and development; adjustment is the grindstone for the change of you and me; everyone of us, group, and organization all need to adjust with the times, so that to adapt to the change of yourself and the surrounding environment, to go forward consistently!

Time and environment have changed, it is ever-changing, to cope with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle, or always changing to unchanged thing, it needs realistic adjustment; just like the humanistic “golden section ratio”, show a different self during periods and environment, is a true bardian self in the heart, or a socialized self of the public, it also needs to adjust so that to coordinate and balance all these; to make perfection, felicity and happiness forever! To make growing, innovation, sharing everlasting! We are under the adjusting……

Only the fittest survive, keeping pace with the times, this is the most basic principle of growing, innovation and success; passion, dream and action are the continuation of our future road; we are adjusting the plan, direction, target all the time, we are adjusting mentality, pace and status all the time; to prove the result of adjustment by action, to prove our distinctive existence by innovation, to prove our determination and courage by persistence, you will be infinitely wonderful; beautiful life starts from adjustment!

Adjustments are actions that retreating for the sake of advancing, and going upstairs, are improvements that removing the dross, and perfecting yourself; adjustments are the booster that bringing happiness after suffering, and realizing the dream; we should open our minds, and bravely accept and embrace adjustment, prove everything by the action! Wonderful future starts from adjustment!

Learn to adjust, you will be infinitely happy!

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