There is difficulty one after another, and we are striving day by day! We are making efforts to get the proportion of gives and gains become normal, but things always go in the opposite way! Nobody is willing to see this and accept this! Every time we ask ourselves, how can we get through the difficulties at early stage, and how do the surrounded counterparts operate? The reason, we discover that attitude is the source to change all these, it means that what attitude you take, and then you will get what you deserve! Attitude decides everything!

We have encountered grievance, laughing, betrayal, insult and so on, but these cannot shake our inner insistence on dream, be consistent and stick to our own direction and goal, especially during the “sprint one hundred days” period, we gather our energy, face all difficulties and hardships, we unite together and carry it out bravely; just let all irrelevant noise goes to hell! We are brave to create future!

When all theoretical arguments become a possibility, we shoulder have enough courage and intelligence to put them into practice, let innovation become challenge ourselves, let innovation become the trophy of achievement; especially in a new industry, all of us are at the same starting line, in fact we are all unknown to the future, at the time, if we want to stand out, we must have objective, rational and bold innovation to challenge ourselves, create a road that suits us to own our own data, summarize and analyze, speedily make adjustment and reaction, so that we can better and deeper implement and develop; innovation is limitless! Be wonderful every day!

To be continued……

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