We have no need of the retreat; going forward is our only goal, we have made all the preparations; overcome all the difficulties and hazards; haul against the wind and go against the odds; inner desire has boiled, blood has risen up; our fight is beginning, it is “the fight belongs to you and me”;

Endeavor is a beam of light among the insipid; it is shining but not dazzling; it is a kind of power; a power that cannot be expressed by words; it can change “current situation”, it can break the rules and show the difference; it is direct and it is the power that produced by the dream and strength; it makes everything around it accumulate to a great potential power to go forward;

We are modest, we are low-key; we are able to accomplish great deeds; loneliness is our closet friend, it makes us more rational and more persistent; we take action and change without any doubt; “diligence and concentration” is our attitude to work, meanwhile it is our good teacher and helpful friend; currently under the goal of “sprint one hundred days”, endeavor makes us so different and radical, and our inner glamour is shown just like the colorful sunshine; we also expect to receive more attention!

Road is long to come; and there is no returning back; therefore we gather everybody’s power together to focus on a setting target; it is a real test on our comprehensive abilities and qualities, it is a perfection to our mission; meanwhile it is a challenge of our team members’ coordination and cooperation—“seamless joint and unconditional implement”; under a limit state, endeavor is our perfect implement over and over! Everyone endeavors to make a wonderful life! Just make the life full of rhythm sensation and layering sensation, never leave any regret!

Lead a wonderful life every day!

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!