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Regression is another promoting and sailing after summarizing the past year!

2014 spring, the beginning of the first season; everything rouses up from sleeping, be the survival of the fittest in natural selection, the beginning of choosing and being chose! As the “ leading role” of yourself and taking regression as the real action of the first season, it gradually raise the curtain of 2014 Choice! To create a great foundation by the regression action which takes rationality, pragmatic, and striving as the theme; only with a good foundation, innovation and development can have better sustainability and future; only with a good foundation, direction and target can be firmer and clearer, and be easier to realized; only with a good foundation……; these good foundations are the result that regression is adjusted and implemented! We have taken action!

Regression, the return of idea, the return of thought, the return of direction, the return of target, every return for the sake of advancement!

Regression, the return of dream, the return of innovation, the return of action, the return of behavior, every return of last resort!

Our progression is step-by-step, we need adjustment and regression to go forward during different periods and stages.

Regression is the recognition, combing and adjustment to the current “coordinate”, so that to find a more suitable place and set off again!

Regression is gaining new insights through reviewing old material, have a overall diagnose to your current state by the “mirror” of history, find out the reason, and go forward bravely!

We have blown the regression horn of the first season of 2014, adjustment, improvement, innovation, standard, profession, share, safety, speed, stability……all these belong to us, and they also belong to every brave person that fight for his dream, let “regression” be the advancing “foundation” of you and me!

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2014 is the year of openness, cooperation and share! 2014 is the year of innovation, implement, and learning!

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