Moving is a kind of power: it is an encouragement;
Appreciation is a kind of conscience, it is a felicity;

Goodbye to 2014 and greet 2015: it is the beginning for us to ascend step and step, and for our new journey;
Goodbye to 2014 and greet 2015: it is our travel that sticks to our dream and carry it to the end;

You, he and I, and we, in this time axis, we play our own part every day and every minute; happy or sad, painful or sweet, but should be unusual! It doesn’t matter that there is applause, but we should have faith; it doesn’t matter that there is no achievement, but we should have dream; we should be thankful to all difficulties and sufferings, they make us become stronger, they make us become more powerful; we are moved by attitude and behavior, it is unusual, it is the example but also the dream; we have been moved by ourselves, we have learned to cherish! The road can be long or short, hope that you can live a full and wonderful like in “limited time”!

Goodbye to 2014 and greet 2015: expect everyone to be healthy, happy and felicific in the new year!
Goodbye to 2014 and greet 2015: hope the sky can be bluer, land greener, water more clear, mountain more beautiful.
Goodbye to 2014 and greet 2015: wish the world peace, no fear, no disease, no hungry!
Goodbye to 2014 and greet 2015 – be the protagonist of your own!

Cwmalls 3000 series – say goodbye to 2014, greet 2015, it is our summary to the past, and our wishes to future! We may everyone can own a different self in the new year and share with us!

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

The 2015’s Valentine's Day selling season starts with Cwmalls’ Service , Sharing, Innovation!

“Made to Order” , “Personal Tailor” are all in CWMALLS COMMODITY!
“Standard”, “Unification” “Maintain World” “Maintain the Earth”, Cwmalls is sharing with you!

Great News: For our feature products “Sheepskin Coat” series, we can offer “Small Order” or “Made to Order”service! Minimum order quantity from 1 piece to 5 pieces, it takes 3-4 working days; very flexible,please stay tuned!

2015 Cwmalls busy-season selling and making to order are under way…
(Our main products are original designed and handmade products, Sheepskin Coat series, Shearling Coat series, Leather Jackets Series, Leather Bags series, Leather Shoes series, the gelid is no longer cold, the warmth is in Cwmalls!)
Cwmalls is around you!
Profession makes outstanding—sharing!
Our Mission: Integrating world’s commodities for you to share and benefit everyone!
2015 is the year of openness, cooperation and share! 2015 is the year of innovation, implement, and learning!
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