One cannot cheat himself, also cannot cheat others, we must advance with the times on the basis of rationality;

Time is equipotent and the fairest; it has no difference between lowliness and nobleness, it also the beginning of life countdown from one’s birth, in this “definite” time, how should we spend the short decades, it needs everyone’s thinking;

Respect history (because it is a true “mirror”); thinking about future, it is our impetus and resource of advancing;

Be the truest self and be the most outstanding self, only be the best can you help others;

We struggle to advance and at the time struggle to adjust, and make “inertia” become “reason”, it is the cornerstone of growing;

We are now striving to adapt and we are striving to take action, we believe everything will be rational and be harmonious, step into the regular and enter virtuous circle, let us strive together!

With the attitude of being earnest, pragmatic and innovative, greet every day that belongs to you and all of us!