Leather Bag Maintenance

1. Leather has strong absorbed power, especially high-grade frosted leather, pay attention to antifouling.

2. Soak a dry towel in water, then wring it out, use it wipe the bag for several times, do this once a week.

3. If leather is dirty, use a wet sponge soaks in mild wash-up liquid, then use it wipe the leather, let it dry naturally. Check this method on little plain part before use it formally.

4. When leather stained with grease, use a piece of clean cotton wipes the grease out, if there are remains, let them disperse naturally or clean with washing-up liquid. Do not wash with water.

5. If leather get blotchy or black spots on it, try using a same-colored leather soak with alcohol, then rubbing the leather with it.

6. The natural oil in the leather will reduce with the passage of time or use too much, so even those high-grade leather goods should be maintained on regular basis.