Whether to break out in silence or to die in it;

Why so many good ideas can’t gain acceptance? Can only see them disappear, it is too painful! Why should everything be carried out on you own? Want to share, but there is nobody to share with; in the case that you can’t get understanding and support, loneliness and solitude are not life, it is chronic suicide!

Change—complete change; don’t query your ideas and thoughts any more ( already have been great), but have to improve your comprehensive abilities to endeavor ahead;

You can meet the thing that happens once in a thousand years, it is the god’s blessing and favor or the result of struggle? Unknown! You can see the future but can’t touch the thing that is before your eyes; the road is at your feet, though it is pitch dark before your eyes, rush over maybe there is all brightness;

Sacrifice before achieving triumph when setting off, it always makes heroes sorrowful with tears afterward since antiquity; should challenge yourself bravely, win the future, actions will make it possible!

Sunshine comes after the storm; Cwmalls is on the way forward!