Management is an art, and a study! Management is not infusing but lighting up the fire!

During these forty days of “Sprint One Hundred Days”, you will find it is easy to manage yourself, but it is hard to coordinate others! To a developing innovative company, maybe all seems a little disorder since these is no clear “rules and regulations” or “standards”, the environment is relaxed, but cohesion, execution and innovation power also go down; how can better mobilize the initiative? It needs management; we CWers never hold back or escape in front of difficulties! We will analyze and solve the problem with an active and brave attitude! It is also the manner we solve all these difficulties all the way! Management will gradually deep into every process of our development, all of us should bring management into our work with a positive attitude, management is our good teacher and helpful friend, meanwhile management is also the catalyst for our fast development; with the purpose of better, faster and healthier development, we CWMALLS COMMODITY will carry management to the end!

Have you learned management?

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