Foundation starts for the superstructure!
Outburst breaks through deep repression!

Self-confidence is an affirmation to yourself!
Confidence is a grasp to the future!

In our own special way, I, we and we CWMALLS COMMODITY from a minus to zero, to one, and then to today, from nothing to worth having, from no applause, no flower to having attention and full of confidence, along this way, we are filled with deep feelings; we have a more clear target, a more accurate direction, we have a stronger team, we have a stronger ability to resist risk, we have the ambition to ascend step by step, we have the courage rise abruptly based on our accumulated strength, We Cwmalls people have the freedom the chase our dream and share the achievement; restraining makes us learn to be low-key, graveness let us know being practical, mistake let us know how to cherish; we are not perfect, but we have enough confidence and courage to pursue perfection; we are not strong, but we have enough patience and enthusiasm to become strong; all in all, as the time goes, we CMWALLS COMMODITY will show you a unique and outstanding new future!

Cwmalls growing series is the ideological platform for us to look back on the past, base on today, look forward to the future and share innovation, it records and store all that belongs to us, times, dream and future; we remember and respect everything we have done! We cherish and appreciate everything! Mission and faith make us become stronger, dream and sharing make us happier! We are willing to change and experience together with you by our continuous efforts and struggle! We are willing to challenge and share with you with our courage and perseverance! Make our growing series formal become our new ladder and beacon to lead us ascend and sail!

With a more vigorous pace and more positive attitude, I ,we and we CWMALLS COMMODITY will greet the new challenge and life every moment and every day in 2015, we are willing to share dribs and drabs of our growing series; we are very ordinary, but we are unusual, we will be more wonderful with you! We deserve your attention and having!

Cwmalls will be more wodnerful with you!

Having attitude is the new standard for our growing!



To take each blow and setback as a challenge, and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS COMMODITY