“Network Thought” is just like a great learning; the success of Google, the outbreak of Facebook and the fast development for Cwmalls, all these fill the nerves of every young man in new period, “fastness”, “fashion” and “subversion”, etc. all these edgy terms will the greetings of our everyday communication! In fact, if you learn slightly about their past, growing environment, and condition, you will discover, they will not be read by modern people through “network thought”.

Every enterprise will not be succeed without the right direction, clear target, continuous innovation and the fast adjustment to surrounding environment to make it more suitable for its development, and more importantly, it can not leave the hard and earnest implement; only in the way, it can surpass itself step by step, and enter the palace of success; it is not that we get a voguish concept, such as this “Network Thought” concept, it exists everywhere, and it seems the sunflower bible to do anything big; in fact it is not right, in actual life, more that we see is: persistence and tenacity are in great need for a enterprise, temporary success doesn’t stand for the final completeness

Every enterprise has its own quality, and every industry has its own nature and rule. It is better to settle and get down to think how to make your company distinctive, how to break the ceiling over your head to go forward bravely. The reform of technology sometimes just gives us a temporary chance, whether to get the opportunity to make yourself or not it is depend on your own efforts

“People Oriented” and “Enterprise Oriented”, these are the basic mission and responsibility of every enterprise and entrepreneur, and they are also the trend and nature rule, anybody who goes against these will be punished; everybody of us should keep a calm head, do things that you want to do, you can do, and you are able to, then you will be happy; there is no voguish vocabulary or concept can change everything, it only wastes your time, but we cannot deny its meaning and value to exist, what fits you most is the best!

To be continued……

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