Without “enemy”, there is no competition or development.

In the modern marketing campaign, where there is enemy, there are also interests existing. In this day, hero relies on enemy to make himself brilliant. So, if a hero wants to make achievement, and then he should find an enemy who is big and strong enough, to create a “battlefield” together which be the center of attention.

Sometimes, enemy seems like a mirror, he has the same ambition and attempt with you, expect to seize the same territory and mind, has the same view and attention with you, expect to find the next gold mine as you; his market is also your market, his target is just your target……

Sometime, enemy helps you recognize the threat from external environment of enterprise more clearly, helps you learn continually, constantly optimize internal resources, improve the utilization rate of resources, enhance core competitiveness. Via your analysis to enemy, it helps you decide the medium and long-term development of the enterprise strategy, and compare, analyze with it, make tactics implementing plan, decompose it and promote it. And you can learn a lesson from enemy’s failure, so that to discover and overcome the problem that hinders your progress.

Everything’s existence and development are mutual, there is no right or wrong, only competition can make progress, with great, lofty ideal and persistent will, carry it out dauntless and the way of dream is at your foot.

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