“Merits or demerits will be commended by later generations, it is unnecessary to varnish yourself now”; the all ruling class is improvident and is anxious to achieve benefits. 

As a part of the modern society, how to grasp and control the whole situation in a better way and to be stronger stably, to innovate among changes, it is a huge systemic project ‘today is the basis of tomorrow’.

The present hierarchy controls two vital sources: politics and economy. Their conception of ruling be unclear and unsolved, they are generally losing people’s reliance and be abandoned finally. 

A great power’s means of governance doesn’t have reference or mimic versions in the world, we can only choose a suitable mode to continually learn、optimize and improve it; it is urgent now to let the whole ruling class set new concept of governing, set up new national value , we need real examples, really improve national quality, it is a long way, we should encourage each other!

Sailing on the sea depends on helmsman, society progress relies on all of us.