Remember the past, do good today, plan the future;

Grow out of nothing, from disordered to ordered, from……all these have paid too much;

Intertwined with old problem and new problem, and these make up the “career” that we should face and solve every day, it is not our “road”, nor our “business”; we are just standing in the angel of history, being objective and pragmatic to analyze to the problem, solve the problem, and plan the career; only this is a inheritance and continuation to link the preceding and the following, only this is the most natural developing principle and mode.

History not only tell us how things of yesterday and today formed, developed, solved, more important, it is like one and another step to direct us, whether ascend step by step or descend; the coordinate of life or golden section ratio of development, both need us to find from the past, and then combine with the surrounding environment to have a suitable adjustment, modification, only this can we enter the right track little by little, form a virtuous circle, and continue to develop healthily in the long term.

Forgetting history is equal to betraying! Let us grow together and share together!

To be continued……

CWMALLS will be more wonderful with you!