“In disregard of losing lives” People are making efforts to change、create history, but at the same time constantly destroy history! Why? It is because there is no right, reasonable value system! There is no faith!

Where is golden section、balanced line” If there is no standard, everything will lose balance、disorder、and collapse in the end; we should have a rational monitor system, and we should also carry it out effectively, in this way we can protect society value system for its operation and execution, there are many rules and mechanism, but they will be nothing if we don’t implement them; “ It is so called we have found a theory basis to shield”, you’d better not deceive yourself, not wise to do this, we have grown up; we have to practice it, promote it, we should set up mechanism in the long run, and also do it from now on! Never blow bubbles, it has been meaningless, it is not easy to be better in a short time, we need to start it from ourselves, we should discipline、restrain、obey rules, believe that everything will be better!

“Inertial thinking kills you; we have to give it a restriction”