Recognizing the situation, retreating for the sake of advancing, is also a quite good choice;

Most time, people implement blindly and confusedly, but it may not bring you a good result, you should keep your mind awake, and carry it out on the basis of objective、reasonable demonstration, at this time, the successful probability will be greatly improved, the premise is to pull yourself to the reality from the dreaming, and have a real, regressive implement on the action; the process is something painful, but for a greater, better development, everyone of us should bravely adjust ourselves, don’t be hit by inertial thinking and miss some opportunities, when it is time to hit out, don’t be hesitated, when it is time for regression and adjustment, don’t linger, only in the way, can you adapt to new circumstance and condition, and to have a good development;

Learning to regression by yourself is a reflection of moving to maturity, as time goes on, everyone should control yourself and know what is retreating for advancing, and what is controlling the dream to come back to the reality, I think 2013 is belonging to every remarkable person! Come on!