Anti-season sales is a promotion mode that enterprise makes for the market according to its own product character; its main forms and purposes are as follows:

4. Customer Resource Retention and Revaluation: Some customers are unable to been long-term retention, but the value of an enterprise is mainly lying in its loyal customers and its own continuous innovation; how to keep this part of customers and make continuous innovation in the slack season has been the key; there are two marketing mode in slack season: one is to strengthen the whole brand and image advertisement presentation, so that to increase the target customers’ memory, recall and brand recognization;  another is to deepen professional advertisement, by professional advertisement to strength the consumption guidance, especially the function guidance to buyers, turn ordinary “hard advertisements” mode to permeable and guiding advertisement promotion, in fact it is also a stereo marketing;

5. Product Resource Developing and Reserving: If the brand is the tool of business war, the channel is the battlefield, and then product will be the ammunition of business war; promoting new products during the slack season, usually it can increase exposure rate without too much advertisement cost, but there is no relevant conversion rate, how to increase the conversion rate? At first, launching relevant products in good time, the product has enough innovative highlights in design, workmanship, and quality; secondly, the “feature” of product is the main elements that leads customers to purchase directly, this is a very important point, just how to make the product have more correlation with customers, only in this way, we can have good performance in slack season marketing;

6. Overall Resource Integration and Developing: The purpose of overall resource integration and developing is a comprehensive behavior, to keep a foothold in slack season and prepare for the hot season, and to improve our own product development capability, operation capability, promotion capability and service capability; during the slack season that has seasonal product, the integration and developing of overall resource are very important, usually, slack season sales means price and promotion war; but product feature decides the sales mode in slack season, it may be humanist interaction, humanist experience, humanist presentation, so that to strengthen the development of overall resource and reach the expected sales purpose;

Anti-season sales is a comprehensive assessment for yourself, it can reveal he overall operation capability, innovation capability and management capability of an enterprise, it is extremely challenging; as a sharing, shopping, living online service platform, anti-season sales brings great challenge and unexpected effect to CWMALLS COMMODITY, we are just launching an “anti-season action” according to our real situation!

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