Take the initiative of sortie, or be passive at sortie, it is the response according to your own real situation.

When everything is ready (favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions), we should take actions according to the plan that we have made, every detail and step before the action, during the action and after the action, provide against any misfortune and prepare for all kinds of uncertain factors at any time.

Sortie is of great momentum, adopting “blitzkrieg” which at a lightning speed or “nibble war” which consolidates step by step and crushes one by one? This is the choice you should make during different stages and different environment; you have to face everything flexibly!

Sortie is at the premise of very certain target and purpose, you have to withstand the temptation of Sugar-coated bullets and take actions, it is another charge after adjusting and regulating yourself……

Sortie is another eruption of inner strength, is the release of power that has been depressed for a long time, either change all or smash to pieces, but you have to catch the change, stick to actions and not be hesitated, all will change instantly.

Don’t discard, don’t give up, bravely face it, bravely hit out, it is the footstone of progression, change and sortie are among actions.