Standardizing is like “horizontal line”, personalizing is like “vertical line”, two lines crossed is what we are now!

“Standardize”: standardize the work, standardize the life, standardize the learning,……standardizing is everywhere and it subdivides the surrounding things, they have been basically standardized to the basic frameworks; it is just like that “nothing can be accomplished without standards”, it is the standard of fixed things; everyone of us should carefully analyze the standardizing that belongs to yourself!

“Personalize”: personalize the innovation, personalize the thought, personalize the action,……;personalizing is everywhere and it is the source of our innovation, the display of our distinctiveness, and the label of life; personalizing can stimulate one’s potential, better improve one’s overall quality, and make you feel successful! But it owns to yourself!

“Standardizing” is the yardstick that connects the preceding and the following, runs through everything in an organization and a team!

“Personalizing” is a fantastic display of personal potential and partial things!

In fact, as long as we or the organization keep and control the position and relation of “standardize” and “personalize”, we will find the best “golden section ratio” belongs to ourselves or the organization; I suppose it will have an immeasurable effect to the future! Of course, everything can best reveal its real value only when under the premise of human centered and nature rule centered!

“Standardizing” is horizontal , “personalizing” is vertical; we should properly adjust the “coordinate” during different periods, stages, and environment, and find a “golden section ratio” for better development, it will make you achieve more in less time among your life and work! Your will be more wonderful and happier!

“Standardize”+ “Personalize” = “Coordinate” (We are on the way forward)

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