The only way to quickly reverse the situation in adversity is taking an unusual way and achieving success with original ideas. However due to the hardship and objective environment, it is not only hard to find viable good ideas, there is also enormous risk. At the time, an enterprise leader’s understanding of market, divergent thinking and ideas seem to be very important.

Whether you are in battlefield or in the market, the most lacking thing in adversity is resource. At this time, we need a visionary leader, he is intelligent and he can bear the suffering as well; he should accept the adversity and at the same time he should discover the chance which is hard to find by others in adversity. However, to find resource in adversity is a difficulty thing, even you find resource you will find it is hard to integrate resource; usually it will be easy to make resource integration in good times. This has to test the enterprise leader’s wisdom of adversity.

There are a lot of times we may wonder, it has been very hard to defuse crisis in adversity, so will it be harder to make use of the crisis? In fact, it is an ability to turn the bad thing into good thing, the key lies in that whether we have enough imagination and courage to think this way, and carry it out in a creative way.

Persistence, learning, and implement are the internal facts throughout the development of a whole thing. When an enterprise is leaking everywhere, though you have done many correct things, it will not reflect on the performance at once; this is the “dark period” of an enterprise’s reversion. It needs wisdom and courage to fix all these! It is same as that: a good thing needs “time”.

Thinkers forecast the future; actors change and innovate.

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