The change of one hundred days—“ thirty days”

The progress of history is always very similar!

We make efforts, we strive, we are persistent, and we are radical; we are through trials and hardships all the way, from ignorance to acquaintance, it is the premise and beginning of initiation and growing! From one person to two people, and the current team—a united team, a team with the same target, it is a great progress of us! This “thirty days” is the prelude of the change of one hundred days, it is sonorous but rational! Everything is unusual!

The month summary of “thirty days”, many struggles, efforts and innovations may not get effects instantly; arguments, plans, implements, summaries, improvements and innovations, move in circle , go step by step, change step by step and consolidate step by step, it makes the current us; we should still insist on principles and the bottom line and carry out our direction and targets, when all these normal phenomenon turn into actions, we are really changing; fears and loneliness will not fill us, and then courage and unity will accompany us, we are really grow up; specification and standard are our basic requirements to carry out business, innovation and endeavors becomes our basic status for rapid development; this is what we look like in “thirty days” and “seven hundred twenty hours”, for our dreams, we CWers are a group of people proceed without hesitation and we are almost paranoid, we are moved by ourselves, by our own attitudes and actions, we implement earnestly without any complaints and regrets, we are innovating  every day, in every plan and every project, come on CWers! Make every leap become a kind of self sublimation, everything will become better!

Look back the past “thirty days”, hardships and dangers has been lived through!

Look forward the future “thirty days”, a wide expanse of flat land is before eyes!

During these “thirty days”, there are you and me, and make all our actions leave deep imprints in the picture of history, showing and sharing!

Applaud for brave CWers! You are touching and deserving a song!

Cheer for brave CWers! You are great and will make achievement!

Spring is warming, tree is green and flower is blooming!

Target is clear, action is smooth, and dream comes true!

Summarize the past and look forward the future, life becomes wonderful for you and me!

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

Profession makes outstanding—sharing!

Our Mission: Integrating world’s commodities for you to share and benefit everyone!