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Handbag and woman, no matter how old you are, you will never discard it, since it is the fashion wardrobe that every woman is in pursuit of it forever; handbag and woman, it is also a secret belongs to you, when it is mixed with slender woman, it becomes the carrying of woman’s delicate emotional world! Someone says, a handbag is a small world of woman, it stands for a woman’s internal romance and tenderness, and it has also collected thoughts, pursuits and tastes. Keeping the handbag clean and tidy becomes the index to measure a woman’s elegance; if in the handbag is all in a muddle, it suggests the lazy, casual and negative side of this woman and it is certainly this woman lacks feminine charm! “To value a man, looking his watch; while to value a woman, looking her handbag.’’, arrogant and narcissistic woman is in favor of handbag, when inner elegant temperament is perfectly displaying with the charming bag in the hand, woman’s taste, cultivation and grace is just blooming like the flowers!  (Follow-up) 

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Leather Bags and Women

Thursday, June 7, 2012 4:20:55 AM Etc/GMT+5

Leather Bags and Women

Women in modern world are very sensitive to fashion and trends, thus their lives are closely tied to bags, shoes and other fashion accessories. A leather bag which one carefully chooses may bring out the crucial point and make you the queen of fashion event.

1. Bags and Ages
   Women at different ages share different fashion opinions, so it should be taken into consideration when choosing a bag. If the bag doesn’t go well with your age, it may make you look strange. Moreover, you should also think about the colors, light or dark, it is very important.

2. Bags and Occupation

Women with different jobs also choose different bags. Office ladies may choose bags of simple styles to show their tastes. To these who always go out, they can choose some leisure bags, so the bags can show their energetic. Some women often meet customers; they need practical bags to put many things, such as contracts, material or other things.

3. Bags and Seasons

In different seasons, we also should choose suitable bags, especial bags’ colors. In summer, the colors of bags are mainly light, or the bags can’t go well with the surrounding and you will have a feeling of hot. Certainly, in the evening at night, some dark color bags may be selected to match your clothes.

4. Bags and Personality

To these traditional women, they’d like to choose some simple but fashionable bags, so that to show their connotation. While to some cool women, they’d like bags which are more vanguard to catch the trends. Their bags are usually colorful and making them cool and energetic.

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CWMALLS Highly Recommended(三)

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CWMALLS Highly Recommended(三)

Top Design+ High Quality + 80% Off($843.45)= Beauty’s N+ , Come on! Take action!
Design Philosophy: Perfect interprets fashion and colors. Exquisite craft, soft, delicate sheepskin and rich colors with simple design show the attractiveness. Simple interprets fashion, colorful makes it more vivid.
Spiritual Substance

When travelling with families, it is light and portable which will make you enjoy vacation and relax yourself.
When going shopping with friends, it is concise and generous which will make you bloom splendor in the street.
When attending a party or banquet, it is delicate and mellow which will show your elegant and sweet temperament.

Beauty Creators, Producers and Transmitters, All IN CWMALLS


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Match Your Clothes with Different Types of Leather Bags

Thursday, May 17, 2012 7:48:45 PM Etc/GMT+5

 Match Your Clothes with Different Types of Leather Bags

There is no doubt that most girls and young ladies are always dreaming to have different kinds of leather bags, such as leather bags with stripe patterns, leather bags with floral patterns and leather bags with different colors. Except dreaming to have different styles of leather bags, girls and young ladies usually think that the most wonderful thing in their lives is to know the perfect matching ways between different colors and shadows. In order to help more and more girls and young ladies learn about the perfect matching ways between different colors and shadows, in the following text, I would like to tell you some useful matching ways between leather bags and clothes.

As far as I know, lots of girls and young ladies sometimes will face a confused situation, that is, when they buy a new dress and take it home, standing in front of their big closet in order to use it to match with their delicate leather bags, as soon as they open the big closet, they find that there is not a right leather bag to match with the new dress.


If it makes sense to you, you know what to choose. A leather bag with high quality will never let you down!

This kind of situation is very common that lots of girls and young ladies have confronted many times, but as a matter of fact, it can be avoided easily and effectively if girls and young ladies have some general knowledge about the matching ways between colors and shadows. For example, if you want to go out for a date by wearing a white dress and a pair of black high heel shoes, you can choose a blue or a red leather bag to match with your dressing, because the white and black color of your dress and shoes will highlight your bag’s color, which make it looks more delicate and well-matched in color. But if your dress is pink and there are some floral patterns decorated on it, there is no need for you to choose a red leather bag to match with the dress, because pink is not good for matching with the similar colors, such as red, purple and orange.


In a word, there are a lot of types of leather bags for women to choose to match with their beautiful clothes and shoes, some leather bags are very cheap that almost every woman can afford one of them, while some leather bags are very expensive, because they are well designed by the world famous designers, therefore, few people can afford a dear leather bag. But if you want to be a fashionable and the most attractive girl among your friends, you’d better prepare different types of leather bags in your closet, because they can do you a favor in decorating your beautiful clothes.

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