Tip for Choosing A Quality Fur Coat

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Tip for Choosing A Quality Fur Coat

A nice rabbit fur coat or mink fur coats are also regarded as luxury. Fur has been a symbol of glamour and decadence in the world of fashion for centuries. Except for its aesthetic value, it is known to be extremely durable and insulating. As is known to all, fur is the first material used for clothing and bodily decoration. Nowadays, a lot of indigenous tribes in colder climates still use fur due to its availability and ability to insulate which other materials don’t have. ToRussia,Japan, and some other countries, fur is still a crucial element in traditional clothing. But as "fur" is a general term, there are several sources of fur that make for different looks, feels and styles. Fox, mink, rabbit are regarded as common fur sources; other sources include beaver, otter, sable, seal, coyote and chinchilla and so on. With all these factors taking into consideration, it may be a little difficult to choose from mink jackets, fox fur coats, and a nice chinchilla wrap. If you are making a fur coat purchase for the first time, here is a brief guide to ease you through the buying process.

1) The first step in selecting perfect furs coat is to establish a budget. After thinking about how much you want to spend, setting aside those funds specifically for your big purchase. Setting aside a designated amount will keep you from being tempted to go over your budget and max out that credit card.

2) Once you have a budget in mind, you should then do some research on the types of coats you're looking for. Then ask yourself the reason to buy a fur coat, the occasion to wear it and the style you may choose. By narrowing down your wants and needs, the selection process will seem much clearer.

3) Think about colors, cuts, and length. A floor length fox fur coats, a knee length mink jackets, or a short mink fur coats, which is your favorite. It is really where your budget comes in to play.

4) Next, you should consider what type of pelt you are interested in. Rabbit, fox fur coats, sable, and chinchilla are generally softer and the most sought after fashion-wise. Wolf and coyote are typically used for more rugged purposes because of their durability and ability to withstand snow. Mink fur coats tend to go either way because they're soft and fashionable, but also slightly waterproof. If you are making a fur coat purchase to keep you warm in the winter, and fashion is really on the back-burner, look into other styles that are more rugged.

5) When you are out and about selecting the perfect pelt, don't be intimidated by the fact that many try to pass off fakes as real fur. With practice, you'll be able to easily tell the difference.


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Choosing Fur Coat for Style(CWMALLS Leather Jacket)

Thursday, May 17, 2012 8:09:08 PM Etc/GMT+5

 Choosing Fur Coat for Style

Women are very curious about their looks and they have tendency to look glamorous everyday. When it comes to clothing for winter the first thing that comes in mind is woman’s winter coats. An elegant coat is an essential piece that helps to complete a woman’s wardrobe. A fur coat not only keeps you warm, protects from the cold and chilly weather but also makes you look stylish and chic. However, you can find a winter coat in many patterns, colors and fabrics but fur coats are always in high demand amongst women. It is also considered as a luxury item which represents your fashion sense and class. In ancient times, only rich people could afford the fur but today it is available for a much larger portion of the population within a reasonable price.

Fur coat has been an elegant and stylish fashion choice not only for women; nowadays children as well as men’s coats are also available in fur. Real fur is too soft and gives the wearer a classy and chic look. You can get a fur coat in many different styles and colors. Therefore it is very easy to find the coat that fulfills your requirements. In order to buying a right coat for yourself you need to keep few things in your mind before buying it. Such as always choose a coat that perfectly compliments with your skin tone, hair color and body shape.

Another thing that needs to be considered is the purpose of buying a fur coat. Are you looking for one that you want to wear for a very long time or you interested only in style? If you are looking for a fashionable and trendy coat, then you should go for a stylish designer and light fur coat. On the other hand if you are wishing to buy a coat which is durable, comfortable and have ability to keep you warm then you should go for blue fox fur, beaver, chinchilla, nutria, seal and mink.

In addition of these things you should also consider price and quality. Go through the different shops and compare their prices and quality. Buy a coat that fit in your budget and make you feel comfortable.

So, next time whenever you are shopping for a fur coat keep all these tips and advices in your mind. These guidelines will help you to choose one of best coat for your self. A well-chosen fur coat adds additional style and charm in your beauty.


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