Breaking open a way through brambles and thorns, running all the way, loneness、solitude、fear are always by the side, it is present working environment and state; but we don’t retreat, we don’t be afraid and we don’t give up, we still go forward in high spirits;

If there are more understandings, more supports, and more smiles, our work and lives may be brighter and stronger;

Establishing a business is a process which from silence to voice, and continually learn and challenge yourself. There will be stories on the journey, looking back the yesterday, you will find that you have made progress compared to the day before yesterday, this is a transformation of few steps to achieve big goals;

Be the owner of the future and be the owner of yourself, be the example, no matter how the others and the society be, just insist on your own principles and bottom lines, I think that everything will be better; you say: yes!