All of us are pursuing transformation, pursuing new things. We pursue transformation, however, we should walk from transformation to rebirth, and the intermediate link between transformation and the profound is confusion and puzzle. If we do not go through confusion and puzzle, then we will not take a new lease of life. Throwing a stone can activate all the water in a pool; flowing water is full of life. Reflecting life over and over is rebirth; breaking through thought over and over is rebirth; being loyal to faith over and over is rebirth; challenging difficulty over and over is rebirth……The life is repeating new forever, since life is always changing, and after changing is rebirth.

Every time, when we reflect something and break through something, our souls seem to have baptism again; and later we see the rebirth and transformation of our souls from the eyes of our hearts.

At this time, we should be grateful to the god who gives us a chance for transformation and then take a brave heart to transform and born again. What’s more, we should also let him know we will never give up and we will never refuse to grow up as we have a pair of thin but mature wings. We will learn from Copernicus that insisting on the truth; learn from Galileo that persisting in exploring things.

Let us keep pace with the times, advance and develop with the times, bravely facing the transformation over and over! As after the transformation is rebirth.