The progress and propulsion of history result from countless "unknown" people’s brave execution; they turn complaints into strength, turn indignation into action, they carry out and take action without any regret; they can’t bloom in a flash, they will not be famous overnight, but the changes accumulated over a long period and step by step, they are changing towards the “shiny” side, in fact they are the founder and creator of history, there is no need for too much speech and too many skills, but to be pragmatic, down-to-earth and carry out the planned thing. They know deeply that the way of growing up is full of loneliness and dolefulness, also know very well the risk and consequences; they do not flinch, but grasp the nettle to create own history and the history of society. They deserve the attention and applaud, and they deserve the tolerance and understanding! Let’s pay a tribute to them, to their braveness and persistence!

Good things need time to be discovered, we are brave on the way.

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!