You and I don’t need slogan, only need action, we should cling together and go to strive; though the process is suffering, our career is “great”, we are not only for the sake of success, what’s more is to change and to set an example, the example and strength for the young, for the old, for the man around you, and for the strange……this is us;

The flag can’t fall, it should fly against the wind forever, this is our strength of going forward, also is our goals and direction; it is at our heart at all times and keep us company to go ahead;

Facing the unknown, facing temptation, facing hardship, we have never shaken, never changed and never given up our dream and faith; all through the way, it is not shaking the heaven and earth, there is no flowers and applauses, it has more to bear silently, change silently, slowly chose to the goal, all is natural and that “reserved”, this is us; a group of brave madmen who are doing a great thing, a thing to change our future lives.

Wonderful life is on the way,

Being more wonderful to have you all the way!