Unifying thoughts is a circular, cognitive, unified process that from the whole to parts, from top to bottom, it is the priority to do any team work;

Unifying thoughts makes you and I coordinate our effort to solve problems, deal with the difficulties and face the unknown on the premise of a unified cognition;

At present, on the premise of unifying thoughts, we are having a breakthrough “tough fight”, it is to have an overall, creative upgrade of the existing mode and frame. It is a breakthrough to the inner while a creative introducing to the outside, though it is very difficult, we have to do it in order to have a better, faster growing and development;

At present, on the premise of unifying thoughts, we are having a creative “protracted war”, for the good, we will keep and continue to deepen and upgrade, while for the inessential, we will bravely give up and won’t let it be the burden; why do we have such a creative “protracted war”, it is for the sake of various issues, difficulties or hiding crisis on our way of development, and with the addition of constant changes of outside environment, we must defend in case of emergency; innovation is that we must break our intrinsic thinking mode, get rid of the stale and take in the fresh, use new methods and draw on the wisdom of the masses to defend our own goals, faiths, and make them develop normally until have successes.

At present, on the premise of unifying thoughts, we are preparing for a positive “defensive war”, nobody are willing to accept the result which is from the initiative to the passive, how can we better protect ourselves? To avoid some senseless attacks and threats, it requires us to proactively make a plan which can make us move forward and backward freely before we start implement, this plan can protect us in the first place and have the preparation of counterattack at any time, so that we will not be passive at the process of growing, and get a chance to realize the plan, goal safely and stably, active defense is the footstone of success.

All in all, unifying thoughts is the guarantee of result of all actions, no matter a person or an organization, a team, all need to unify thought before taking actions, so that the dream boat can have a safer, faster sailing, and reach the other side which stands for success.

Attention starts from the details, action starts from the unifying;

CWMALLS will be wonderful with you, wonderful life is on the way.