To unify thinking, we should first free our minds, speak frankly and sincerely, have deep communication, coagulate strength, execute in-depth; unite all forces that can be united, actively maintain the basic principle of cooperation and opening; mobilize all positive factors can be mobilized, know the target well, work in unity and cooperation, be full of confidence to overcome all difficulties and risks on our road forward, so that to carry out and complete “sprint one hundred days” plan successfully.

To unify thinking, we should keep a look of high spirits, the determination to forge ahead, the courage to overcome existing difficulties; inspire impetus under the pressure, seek opportunities in challenge, be brave to innovate during the implement; with fearless spirits and under the premise of unifying thinking and unifying understanding, we, you and CWers will definitely change in one hundred days; just wait and see what happens!

Innovation is the best embodiment of sense of achievement; the beginning of one-hundred day is the starting line of unifying thinking, we innovate and take action together to change!

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

Profession makes outstanding—sharing!