Long long ago, a group of frogs organized a match of climbing mountains. The peak was very abrupt, most frogs gave up on the way, at last, only one frog reached the summit. So, the others ran to it to ask the key to success. To their surprise, the victor turned out to be a deaf. Their discussion that it is impossible to reach the summit on the way, the deaf frog didn’t catch it at all.

The deaf? There are two kinds of deaf: one is congenital that he is not care what’s going on outside, the other is that even though there are various opinions outside, he still insists on independent judgment. In currentChina, different people’s views are just like the windows of a building. Even if it is the same thing at the same scene, the view carried out at last differs in thousands of ways.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. Traditional market theories conduct us do surveys all the time, so that to satisfying customers’ potential needs. However, customer usually doesn’t know his own potential need at all, then how can we do the survey? Before Steve Jobs takes smart phones world by storm, did customers tell him that mobile internet is coming and how should him do?

It is just as Ford who is the father of automobile industry said: If I ask the customers what do they want, they are sure to tell me they need a faster horse. Every greatness on the process of human civilization, it is simple that to see what others can’t see and persist in it, pay attention to it and realize it. It is destined that you should bear many objections, reproaches or even attacks from most people on this process.

As a time of information explosion,news changes quickly, if a decision is agreed by 70% of the stuff, then it is probably wrong since it means the leader falls behind; while there are only 30% of the stuff approving this decision, it may be right since you are running in front.

Most time, a strategy fails an expectation dies on the vine, it is not the matter of starting point, but is the way. On the way to greatness, you are lonely, and you will hear many strange voices. As a result, you begin to doubt yourself and then deny yourself, at last you die among the buzzing sounds of all kinds of frogs. 

The victor is always the deaf. It is not emphasizing bigotry, but is yelling persistence; it is not advocating tyranny, but is encouraging profession. The most difficulty way of the world is which only few people walk, but these walk this way, are all those who know how to guard their minds.

The victor is always the deaf. In the final analysis, it is a matter of insisting on the independence and freedom of one’s own mind. Due to the servility brought by the thousands of feudalism, we are getting used to following suit and following the orders of others. The commerce is just same as human nature.

Learn to be a wise deaf! In today’sChinawhere basic values are disorder, in human society where great people are always among the minority, learning to do subtraction for all kinds of voices. Go into the society then get out of it, abandon the world to be independent; easy person is closer to the sky.