Make a justice sound; utter a justice yell;

Make dark become bright, unfold justice, and let “bad guys” have no place to hide;

We will not be indifferent any more;

We will not look on coldly any more;

We will not go with the stream any more;

We will not……any more;

We need love, need warmth, need sincerity, need……

Let’s take action; time will not flow back,

Let’s fight; chance can be fleeting,

Let the inner voice become action, power and go fight!

Let the inner thought become works, products and show heartily!

Failure is a coward's epitaph,

Success is the brave’s motto,

Be a brave and a sage who is brave to challenge himself,

Be a strong man who takes responsibility and does well in learning,

History is always boosted and rewritten by the brave, the strong;

We expect to make a little contribution to the humanity’s history of civilization,

We hope that human society life will become healthier and more wonderful because of you and me!

Stick to yourself, unite as one, go forward bravely;

We are brave on the way, be more wonderful all the way with you!

Wonderful life is all in Cwmalls!